Stamp Society of Pakistan have acheived a landmark by publishing the collection of highly reasearched articles on the various subjects, printed on the largest about 100 pages stamp souvenir. The copies are distributed all over the country having the cover page of the Pakistan Post Office.

This year's tile with the indroduction is shown below:-

Pakistan 2016 (30 December 2016 - 1 January , 2017)

Stamp Society of Pakistan achieved yet another milestone by issuing a high quality over 80 page souvenir containing informative and detailed articles with in-depth study and research.

Such classical topics make this souvenir a reference book and the first of its kind. Also, to thank for their unconditional support, the Pakistan Post.

MELBOURNE 2017(30.03.-02.04 2017)
FINLANDIA 2017 (24.-28.05 2017)
BANDUNG 2017 (03.-07.08 2017)
BRASILIA 2017 (24.-29-10 2017)
President Stamp Soicety of Pakistan:

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